Progetto Montali vini patrizio montali EN
Progetto Montali vini patrizio montali EN

The project

To make quality wines by striving for excellence.

Patrizio Montali in 2018 purchased the vineyards from an old local landowning family that has been growing grapes for decades.

The project is also the fulfillment of an idea shared and developed with the collaboration of well-known and appreciated professionals in the fields of agronomy, oenology, design, marketing and communication, in the ongoing search for the purest and most innovative expressions of Italy’s most auspicious wine-growing areas, Abruzzo.

Progetto Montali Vini Patrizio Montali cultura

Innovating within the tradition

With this idea, simple and straightforward, our project was launched: to make quality wines by striving for excellence.

This slogan is the very grounding in our brand name: a sun rising above the horizon line, a symbol of the new day, reconnecting in a continuous cycle with the earth and roots, a symbol of rootedness to traditions and territory.

Small high-quality products

We are convinced that small productions, combined with a precise vision and maniacal care in implementation, from vineyard to product care, should aim for great quality. We are striving for a steady improvement and qualitative growth of our wines.

Sustainable development

For us, being sustainable is not an option but a vital necessity. There cannot be development unless it is sustainable. We adopt materials and processes that are compatible with the utmost respect for the environment: At the same time, we are focused on investing with a vision of minimizing and, wherever it is possible, to minimize our impacts to zero.

In addition, sustainability is also about caring and paying attention to interpersonal relationships with the team, customers, partners, suppliers and the community as a whole.

Progetto Montali vini Patrizio Cultura Toscana Abruzzo
Progetto Montali Vini Patrizio Montali grappolo uva
montali vini grappolo uva biologico puro

We act on what we’re comfortable with

We believe in a family-run business that is entirely dedicated to the project and to finding the details that make the difference, without giving in to any trends or complications.


Ours is a step-by-step journey toward totally organic wines made from selected DOC Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano grapes from our vineyards in Manoppello, a land of great winemaking traditions.

Crossbreeding different cultures

4 product lines, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, Cerasuolo, Pecorino and Trebbiano obtained by integrating 2 great wine cultures, the Abruzzese and the Tuscan, to achieve unprecedented and surprising flavors while preserving the strong link to their roots.
Progetto Montali Vini Patrizio Montali minimalista

Towards foreign markets

We immediately want to be carriers of high quality in selected international markets while also selecting the most attentive audience in Italy.

Fully operational by 2022

We started in 2020 with Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo and added the other 3 references with the 2021 harvest. We already have plans of extending the range from 2023.

Keeping it minimalistic

We believe that simplicity is a very difficult goal to achieve and that it is accomplished by removing all the unnecessary to attain the true essence of things. In our wines’ production this means going along with natural processes as much as possible without any “makeup” in the cellar.
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