Innovation through tradition

The exquisite blend of innovation and tradition to live the present, keeping in mind the past while thinking about the future.

It is through this simple idea that our project was born: making quality wine in pursuit of excellence.

The project



We believe that simplicity is a hard goal that can be reached by eliminating the unnecessary to reach the true essence.



The project is carried out by a family business entirely dedicated to the refinement of those details that make the difference and to a limited production, which, combined with an accurate vision and winemaking process, leads to great results.



Our greatest wish is to become bearers of fine quality in selected international markets, addressing a target audience in Italy.



We strongly believe in collaboration.
The notable contribution of an oenologist with Tuscan viticulture experience, has allowed the merge of a double-sided patrimony of knowledge, the Abruzzese and the Tuscan, with the awareness that cultural hybridizations are often harbingers of excellence.



Our journey is projected towards the promotion of entirely organic wines, made with selected grapes of Montepulciano, Pecorino and Trebbiano, from our vineyards in Manoppello, in a territory of great traditions.

Patrizio Montali

A dream: to live as one with nature.
I am open to future innovation and change, keeping an open-minded approach towards technological progress, with one aim: to work to the best of my ability.

This philosophy, combined with a deep respect for nature and the environment, is reflected in important choices: the best competence and the best production material to achieve the best quality, without compromises.

The Territory



Our estate is located in the municipality of Manoppello (province of Pescara), in a valley at 250 meters above sea level that on one side looks at the mountain range of Maiella and on the other is constantly reached by the sea breeze of the Adriatic.



This site of uncontaminated beauty is located close to the ancient cistercian abbey of Santa Maria D’Arabona, once a crossroads of important exchanges along the Via Tiburtina in the direction of Rome and now devoted to the cultivation of native vines.



The soil is medium-textured, pebbly, and of alluvial origin, particularly suitable for the production of structured wines and, in the case of the Montepulciano D’Abruzzo grape variety, such as to facilitate the achievement of its maximum potential.

The vineyards

The vineyards that extend in the municipality of Manoppello, are cultivated with grapes of Montepulciano DOC, Pecorino DOC and Trebbiano DOC.

The vineyards are worked with great respect for the surrounding territory, supporting as much as possible the variation of time and seasons. The inter-row controlled grassing keeps under control the erosion damage and promotes the vegetative-productive balance of the plants.
The organic agronomic management of the vineyard meets sustainability criteria that do not require invasive techniques or the use of chemical synthesis following the logic of pure biological. 


The wines


Our production today includes 4 wines produced in purity, in small quantities and DOP certified: Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, Abruzzo Pecorino and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

The grapes are harvested strictly by hand in small baskets. The vinification is carried out with particular care and attention in all phases, with the use of concrete tanks. The production process ends with a phase of refinement in the bottle before being put on sale. For all 4 references, BIO certification is expected starting from 2023.

What they say…

Dear Patrizio and Alessandro,

we thank you for bringing a sip of Abruzzo to our event, for giving us prestige with your cellar. But above all with your presence, elegant like your wines. Finally, thank you for the support you have given to Tutti Giù In Cantina by helping to spread your participation on each vehicle.

We are really happy with your appreciation and your participation in the event. This fills us with pride.

From today we have another “friend” winery with which to share travels together.

Luca Bertacchini

Social Media Manager, Tutti Giù In Cantina


Hi, I’m Roberto, I had the pleasure of tasting your cherry at the event in Velletri (RM) all down in the cellar, I just wanted to express my compliments, I was really impressed and delighted by the drink, typical but at the same time unique and innovative, fresh, decisive and persistent! A real treat! I love to personally congratulate you because I am a lover of wine and nature, I love your beautiful region and I am also a fan of high altitude excursions, with your wine you have catapulted me into your land and left my mark!! Congratulations! I will definitely buy your other products, both to delight me and to support your beautiful reality! Thanks for the wonderful experience you gave me with a sip. Greetings



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